Black Women Unmuted is an independent news initiative that seeks to bridge the gap between the news about black women, the media outlets that could, and should, report it, and the audiences that crave it. Black Women Unmuted seeks to tell these stories in our own voices, providing deeper understanding of our role in reshaping democracy as our nation transitions into a truly multicultural society.

According to the Center for American Women & Politics, seven of the United States’ largest 100 cities are run by Black women mayors. Two of these cities are state capitals, one is the nation’s capital, and their populations range from 225,000 to 2.7 million citizens. All across America, Black women watched these mayors take over City Hall with great interest – and remain eager to hear more about how they are faring. We at Black Women Unmuted are responding to that desire with “Madame Mayor,” our series exploring governance issues in those seven cities as well as in towns of various sizes that are run by Black women.